Cancer Cure

By George E. Ashkar, Ph.D.

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I am GEORGE E. ASHKAR, Ph.D. I dedicated this book to my beloved wife Angel tirelessly encouraged me to finish and publish it.


Since 1900 oncologist researchers and oncologists practitioners never tried to cure cancer. They tried to eliminate cancer cells, which are victim not the problem and leaving carcinogens, which are causing cancer, left in the body to start again and again until victim dies. If they cure cancer they lose their job and income. In this book recommended NIA method which can eliminate carcinogens as well as cancer cells and the recuperation is 100% no recurrences. This book designed for general public to be used as self service, for medical professionals it is priceless information about cancer.




In 1936 my uncle Naum Rezkalla Sayegh got stomach cancer in Aleppo, Syria where he was living. He admitted in hospital of medical school of American University of Beirut for cancer treatment but he died in few days. I was very upset and I decided to find a cure for cancer no matter what.





In 1943 my older brother Sarkis vent to Tunisia to work in machine shop of  French army, it was war zone at that time,  and my mother worried about his life because there were going active war. Because of that my mother got Rheumatism. Visited many doctors to find a cure but it was in vain no one had a cure for her illness. As a last resort we visited our countryman Doctor Professor Yenicomshlian He was working in hospital of medical school of AUB. He also gave no hope to cure my mother’s illness but he gave some advise to keep warm and dry and he said that “something in the blood causing that illness but we do not know what is and how to get rid of it“. This gave me some idea that illness causing chemicals should be in the blood and I was looking and trying to find ways to get them out of the body in order to cure the illness.

One day I was playing with my friends in our backyard, my mother called me and asked to prepare yogourt. I was the yogourt maker of our family, I had to boil the milk and let it to cool then mix couple spoon of yogourt as a yeast to prepare yogourt. To make it fast and go back to play, I increased the heath to boil the milk faster, at the end I noticed that milk is burning and really smells burning, I had no choice but continue yogourt making with burned milk and return to continue the game.

Next day I woke up early to test the yogurt, really it tasted burned milk. Few hours later my mother asked me if yogourt is ready I said yes and we vent to test it, first my mother tested, I was afraid she will complain about burning test in contrary she praised me as a good yogourt maker I would not believe in my turn I tried to test also and surprise yogourt was excellent. I tried to find explanation what had happened, first I tried test from the surface of the yogourt it was perfect then I sampled from the bottom of the yogourt it was bad smells and testes burned, to be sure I tried again first from the surface of the yogourt where watery part of the yogourt was drained tested perfect then tried from the bottom of yogourt with the watery part tested and smelled bad so I established that all burned milk was dissolved in the watery part of the milk.    

Here I came to conclusion that burned milk and chemicals are dissolved in the watery part of the milk. This gave me the idea that disease causing particles and chemicals in the body should be in the watery part of the blood, so my conclusion was this to get rid of chemicals and particles, which causing the illnesses, I have to clean up watery part of the blood to cure the diseases.

I was looking the ways to clean up watery part of the blood from diseases causing chemicals. I remember if skin is burned create blister full of serum, watery part of the blood, by draining that water from blister will help to get rid of chemicals, so by cutting the dead skin of the blister and draining containing water will help to eliminate chemicals.

I decided to test my idea on my mother to cure her Rheumatism illness, I had to make a blister the only way to make a blister at that days was to burn the skin and cigarette will do that but I had no risk to burn my mother’s skin in order to make a blister. My mother took the initiative and made the blister by burning her skin on her leg. I was surprised when I saw my mother burning her skin without hesitation I figured out that pain of Rheumatism is worst than pain of burning the skin. Blister was ready and I had to cut the dead skin to empty containing serum, so I did when serum pored out of blister my mother told me she felt some relief of pain that was the first sign that treatment will work. One blister drained negligent amount of serum but I needed large amount. I know from my kitchen experience that before cooking beans and chick peas we keep them in the water overnight to make cooking faster because bean and chick peas have the ability to absorb water and make the cooking much easier. I placed on the wound dry bean to absorb serum continuously but that did not happen and wound was healed. Next time I decided to place chick peas, this time worked perfectly and chick pea started to absorb serum continuously until get saturated, when stopped absorption, because of saturation, I replaced saturated chick pea with another dry one this way drainage never stopped establishing continuing flow of serum, which was guaranteeing removal of all diseases causing chemicals from the body and securing to prevent wound from getting infection since flow of serum was out of the body so infection had no chance to get in the body, which was very important to prevent wound from getting infection during many months of treatment.

One day I was eating garlic with bread and playing in our backyard with my friends, bread ended but still I had piece of garlic I did not want to throw the garlic so I kept garlic in my palm until the end of the game. I saved garlic for to eat later. When I woke up next day in the morning I noticed blister in my hand at the same area where I was holding the garlic that gave me the idea to use garlic to make a blister which is more humane than burning the skin using cigarette to make a blister.

Using this method in 1943 for 6 months my mother’s Rheumatism was cured completely and never came back during her life, she died 1970 by natural causes.

This way Neutral Infection Absorption (NIA) method was developed and completed and tested and was ready to be used for all types of Rheumatoid Arthritic related diseases.

In 1960 my wife developed Rheumatoid Arthritis immediately I used NIA method to cure her illness, after 6 months of treatment illness has been cured completely and never came back during her life; she was second person to be treated by NIA method. She died December 1, 2007.



There are two groups of diseases caused by viral-bacterial (flu, venereal) and particle-chemical (cancer, arthritis). Given mechanism development of cancer, which caused by presence of two agents; INITIATORS and PROMOTERS. Given role of each initiator and promoter in causing the diseases. To start to develop the disease initiator has to reach to critical concentration in the body, which in normal situation takes 10-15 years in 2000. Source of initiators could be food preservatives, fertilizers and pesticides. Promoter is piece of destroyed cell. Source of promoters could be, naturally, byproducts of body’s emotional reaction to stress, fear, worry and tragedy in the family, or artificially, X-rays,  radiation and chemotherapies, radioactive materials and finally microorganism capable of destroying the body cells. According to this mechanism cure or prevention could be achieved only by physically removing these initiators from the body.

Actually there are two groups of diseases. The first group is initiated by living microorganism like bacterium and viruses [Figure-1]. In this group diseases are transferable from one person to another by physical contact or by air (venereal disease, flu, etc...). These diseases are successfully cured by using drugs and antibiotics in addition to the body's defense system.

The second group of diseases are caused by particles and chemicals (asbestos, food preservatives, etc...) [Figure-2]. These diseases are not transferable by contact or air. The body's defense system is not designed to fight this kind of chemical infections, moreover, medicine cannot eliminate these particles and chemicals, therefore these diseases are not curable by medicine. The only way to cure is to physically remove the disease causing particles and chemicals from the body. Probably that is the reason there is no remarkable success during one century in trying to cure this group of diseases by using drugs, despite enormous success in science and technology.

Surgery, which is the only officially accepted method to cure cancer, physically removes diseased cells and part of disease causing particles from localized parts of the body, that is not enough because surgically all disease causing particles cannot be removed since they are in the blood stream and circulating all over the body some will remain and cause disease again and again particularly when cancer already spread all over the body.
In this article I will analyze only second group of diseases, first cancer then extend the mechanism to explain others.




In 1980 I decided to start research in the field of cancer to find out ways to cure that illness. First I needed professional advice from experts so I asked doctor if he knows what cancer is? He said no. Then I asked if he has cure for cancer? He said no, then I asked what kind of specialist is he? He said expert oncologist. I was surprised to hear that how one could be expert oncologist if does not know what is cancer and have no cure for cancer. To find out the qualification of the Doctor I asked another couple questions; Why cancer does not have  symptom ? He said do not know, then asked  why every organ in the body gets cancer except the Heart ? He said do not know, I could not understand what he knows except writing fat bills.

I confronted surprise after surprise. First I find out that cancer is not a medical problem because it is not a viral bacterial disease instead it is chemical disease. Second I find out that oncologist since 1900 trying to eliminate cancerous cells, which are victim of carcinogens not the problem, and leaving carcinogens, which are the problem, in the body to start cancer again and again, which oncologist call surprising recurrence.

I studied the entire phenomenon happening to the people suffering with cancer and I suggested mechanism development of cancer, which perfectly explained what cancer is? When is happening? How is happening? Why is happening? Where is happening?  How to cure and prevent it from happening.

Figure-1                                            INFECTED CELL    



What is disease? First I like to tell you about Viral Bacterial diseases Fig.1. Disease starts when bacteria or viruses invade human body and starts to damage healthy body cells. Bacteria give us type of disease and damaged cells give us symptom of the disease. Since bacteria is causing the disease and since bacteria is a living microorganism, if we kill bacteria we will eliminate the cause and disease will be cured. If we destroy damaged cells we will eliminate the symptom of the disease only and it will not be cured since bacteria still is there and will continue causing the disease. Bacteria use destroyed cells as a nutrient to multiply themselves to certain amount to give us enough destroyed cells to feel the symptom of the disease. The same way viruses using internal mechanism of the cells to duplicate themselves to certain amount enough to give us the symptom of the disease. To cure the disease we have to eliminate causation, what is causing the disease, in this case bacteria and viruses are causing the diseases therefore if we eliminate bacteria and viruses we cure the disease, but if we eliminate the damaged cells we eliminate the symptom of the disease only not the disease itself. Since bacteria is living microorganism we can use medicine to kill bacteria and cure the disease. 

Figure-2                                                          CANCEROUS CELL

Cancer is different, Fig.2 it is not a viral bacterial disease, it is health problem caused by   chemicals used in the food industry, therefore it is not a medical problem it is physic‘s problem. Cancer is chemical disease and caused by carcinogens, medical professionals call it that way it means cancer producer.

To turn healthy body cell to cancerous cell we need PROMOTER, when this both, body’s healthy cell and the promoter, chemically join together, body cell becomes cancerous, but the problem is that they cannot be joined by themselves here is coming carcinogen to help them by initiating the chemical reaction in between and bond them together chemically. Because of its role, initiating chemical reaction in between, I renamed carcinogen to INITIATOR. This is the only model cancer can be, there is no other models satisfying all the aspects of cancerous cells.

As it was clear in the case of viral bacterial disease we have to eliminate the cause of disease in order to cure it. In the cancer case the cause of disease is carcinogen so we have to eliminate it to cure cancer. Unfortunately all over the world “Expert Oncologists” since 1900 trying to eliminate cancerous cells, which eliminates only symptom of the diseases not the problem and leaving carcinogens inside the body to start cancer again and again until victim dies.

Cancer cells are not killing people no matter how many cancer cells in the body, will not die. People dying not because too many cancer cells, instead too many healthy cells becoming cancerous and people dying because few healthy cells left in the vital organs to sustain normal function to keep alive. The main vital organs are; lung, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney and brain. Other organs are not vital, people can survive even they are removed like breast, uterus, vagina, ovaries, prostate or testicles.


                                      MECHANISM DEVELOPMENT OF CANCER

INITIATOR (CARCINOGEN): Mechanism development of cancer is very clear and very precise of course and very interesting. To start cancer in the human body first of all need carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals. As a carcinogen could be all kinds of chemicals existing in food, like food processing chemicals, food preservatives, fertilizers, pesticide etc. Different chemicals causes different non viral non bacterial disease like Cancer, Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Lupus, Emphysema, Bronchitis, etc. To start to develop the disease has to be met certain condition; accumulation of carcinogens to a certain critical concentration, below that initiation will not go ahead. Cancer is chemically connected body cell and promoter (see explanation below)

Figure-3                                              Activation of the cell



To initiate the reaction between body cell and promoter, carcinogen must create an active center on the surface of the cell by pulling out one electron Fig.3. When initiator hits the cell and moves one electron from its orbit to a higher, immediately here needs second hit to move electron completely out of the atom to create active center, therefore critical concentration needed to guarantee second hit before electron returns to its original orbit.

If the concentration of carcinogens is less than critical then electron will return its original orbit before second hitting of electron occurs, therefore active center will not be created and chemical reaction between body cell and promoter will not happen. When electron is out of atom chemical reaction will start and body cell and promoter will chemically join together forming cancerous cell.

These chemicals, mainly dissolved in the lymph, and will be accumulated during years until they reach to a certain critical concentration. This accumulation could take years to reach from zero to a critical concentration. In this NOTE you can see how years of accumulation has been changed during the past half Century.

Years needed to reach to critical concentration was;
In 1950 is between 40-50
In 1960 is between 30-40
In 1970 is between 20-30
In 1980 is between 15-20
In 1990 is between 10-15 and continuing to shrink, it is the result of intensive use of chemicals in the food industry.

These type of diseases, which results from the accumulation of carcinogens in the plasma, according to medical professionals, could pass from parents to their child as a genetic disorder, but in my opinion most likely from mother to the fetus through placenta during pregnancy. Genetics is a finger print and has absolutely nothing to do with any type of diseases except physical structure of the human body; you cannot find disease in the finger print.

Transfer of some carcinogens from mother to the child will reduce the concentration below critical, therefore mother will profit, development of disease will be delayed and start again when all losses are replaced, which could take many years depending of  the amount transferred to the fetus.

Disease will be developed only when accumulated carcinogens reach again to critical concentration. If mother decides to have many children and every time share the accumulated carcinogens with child born from her, she might never reach to critical concentration of accumulated carcinogens and never develop the disease in her life. Unfortunate child born from this mother will develop the disease sooner than normal needed time the carcinogens to reach to critical concentration for adults, since some of the carcinogens already acquired from the mother at the time of birth therefore, because of small body size, child needs less time to reach the carcinogens to its critical concentration and start to develop the disease. This is the main reason for many youngsters getting cancer in their early ages. There are many cases supporting this as when mother, not the father, had Cancer, Lupus or Arthritis the child born from this mother will have a great chance of carrying these diseases first in latent form then activated when critical concentration has been reached.


PROMOTERS: Initiator alone cannot develop the disease, it can only prepare the body to a readiness situation until comes along agent 2, the promoter, to start to develop the disease, otherwise the initiator will stay dormant forever. In developing of disease each type of initiator can develop one type of disease only; Cancer, Lupus, Arthritis, Asthma, etc. but the promoter is the same for all developing diseases regardless type of initiator. Fragments of destroyed cell are promoters of the diseases for the body cells. These promoters, fragment of destroyed cells are produced in the body naturally during emotional situation like stress, fear, hopeless, worry, tragedy etc... Another, artificial source of production of promoters could come from destruction of body cells by X- rays, radioactive materials, radon gas or chemicals like ones used in chemotherapy to destroy cancerous cells which could destroy as well as healthy cells also... In other words any situation or things including microorganisms and viruses capable of destroying body cells to its fragment can be classified as a producer of diseases promoters, which can stimulate the initiator to start to develop the disease. Initially initiators are in the blood stream and circulating all over the body. Depend on which side of the body promoter is produced in that area cancer will start. Cigarette cannot cause cancer but can only produces promoters therefore cancer starts in the lung.




Almost every diseases have a symptom expressed in different ways like; High temperature, cold feeling, sweating, sneezing, coughing, pale color, yellow color, discolored urine, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, arthritis pain, allergy, skin eczema, head ache, back pain, dizziness and so on. There is no symptom for cancer. To have a symptom for any disease cell must be broken and inside contain of the cell must be pored in the blood to give us symptom. In cancer cell is not broken and inside contain is not pored in the blood therefore is not giving us any sign of symptom, that is the reason cancer has no symptom and when cancer discovered is already to late to cure it. Cancer cell is healthy cell connected on the surface promoter, cell itself is not broken or damaged therefore contain of the cell is not pored in the blood to give us symptom.




Almost every organ in the body can be cancerous like; brain, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, stomach, intestine, colon, ovaries, uterus, cervical, vaginal, prostate, testicles and so on. There is no cancer on heart. To turn cell of the heart cancerous we have to take out one electron from cell of the heart, because of electro-magnetic activity in heart it is impossible to move one electron from heart, electro-magnetism activity does not permit electron to leave the atom, keeps it in original location, therefore is not created active center on the surface of the cell as a consequences promoter cannot be chemically connected on the surface and cell cannot be cancerous. 

                                                BODY’S DEFENSE SYSTEM


The primary function of the white cell is to provide a mobile system of protection for the body. All white cells are more or less capable of amoeboid movement this property is especially developed in the Europhile group of the granulocytes and in the monocytes. Their amoeboid capability enables them to pass through the walls of the capillaries and into the tissue spaces.

In the normal blood condition granulocytes and monocytes move at random, but when an infective condition is created their course is directed toward this area by chemo taxis. On arriving there, they cease to move and begin a phagocytes process by engulfing the infection-causing foreign-to-this-particular-body substances known as antigen or signaling for antibody production then engulfing antigen-antibody complex. Foreign substances or antigens could be inert (asbestos, broken tissue.) or living microorganism (bacteria, virus,)

If some particles are foreign for one body, that does not necessarily means they are foreign for every human body, they could be foreign for one and self for another and vice-versa (like blood groups).

However, even if a macromolecule is not a normal constituent of the body, it will not act as an antigen and invoke antibody response unless it is recognized by the body as being a foreign macromolecule. The ability of the body to recognize foreign macromolecule is not acquired until about the time of birth. Before this time the body accepts all macromolecules as its own and remembers them, therefore, as its own and does not form antibodies against them.

Phagocytes defined as the property of granulocytes and monocytes to digest, under favorable conditions, inert particles and living or dead microorganism. The three phases in phagocytes are as follows; an adhesion phase, during which the phagocyte cell comes in contact with the foreign particle; an ingestion phase, during which the particle is engulfed and absorbed into the cytoplasm, and a third phase, which features alternate possibilities that depend on the functional state of the cell and the nature of the ingested material. Three different cases could happen;

1. Digestion. Ingested particle is digested (Broken tissue or dead microorganism).

2. Persistent. Foreign particles persist (Asbestos, carbon dust, food preservatives, other chemicals,)

3. Multiplication. Ingested living microorganism may proliferate inside the cytoplasm multiplying itself and destroying the white cell (Living microorganism, HIV).

Because of their content of enzymes white cells are able to degrade proteins and polysaccharides. Protein degradation is variable and relates to the type of foreign particles, type of white cells and physical conditions. This variability may explain why one antigen is destroyed by certain white cells but not by others.

In consequence persisting foreign particles initially are in the bloodstream and circulating all over the body. They are not attacked by the defensive white cells unless they are chemically reacted with normal body cells or produced altered body cells spontaneously or under ionizing effect of radiation. This type of altered body cells are a constant target to be attacked by defensive white cells, engulfed, digested, but originating chemicals are released in the bloodstream to start the cycle all over again.

Enzyme catalyzed breakdown of the body’s normal cells produces normal waste by-products but enzyme catalyzed breakdown of the altered cells might produce different waste foreign by-products.

These foreign by product are not large enough to be engulfed again by the white cells or are not broken down enough to be filtered by the kidneys, so they will stay and be stored in the body.

Seeping through tissues, the lymph bathes cells with dissolved foods and oxygen molecules and eventually rejoins the bloodstream through a network of lymphatic channels. Passing through infected tissue, the lymph picks up all kind of foreign particles, including infected and destroyed white cells transporting and depositing them in various organs such as the lymph nodes, liver or spleen and they may remain there in recognizable form for weeks. During its passage through the nodes foreign particles are removed by the phagocyte cells. During an infection the white cells are greatly increased in numbers. They migrate to the sites of injury. Lymph nodes therefore furnish an important barrier against the spread of bacteria throughout the body and white cells are the defense mechanism against local infection. Immobility and fatty construction of the body will greatly interfere with free circulation of the lymph and create additional difficulty in fighting against the diseases.

During an infection the great multiplication of white cells in a node causes the node to become enlarged and tender. When the nodes, loaded with bacteria and their by-products, are unable any longer to cope with the situation and break down, the infection spreads all over the body.

A low level of foreign particles is not harmful, like in case of urine, but might be lethal if they were allowed to accumulate in the tissues. These foreign particles and their by-products, mainly dissolved in the lymph, will be accumulated during the years until they reach to a certain critical concentration. They will then start influencing the outcome of the body cell production.

These foreign particles once “dormant” could be very active under ionizing radiation by X-ray or radioactive materials and act as an initiator, furnish material to start and build an altered cell. Reaction itself is catalytic and not programmed or controlled by any enzyme, therefore the products are different every time. Moreover, there are no ways to control or stop them.

Depending upon the nature of the foreign particles and the location in the body, where the reaction begins, could lead to different types of illnesses like arthritis, lupus, leukemia, cancer, colitis, etc..

These type of diseases, which result from the accumulation of foreign particles in the plasma, by medical professional’s opinion, could pass from parents to their child as a genetic disorder, but most likely from mother to the fetus during pregnancy. There are many cases supporting this, as when the mother, not the father, had arthritis or cancer the child born from this mother will have a great chance of carrying these diseases, first in latent form then activated spontaneously or under ionizing radiation.

Any attempt to cure the disease by means of drugs or medicines will increase the quantity of foreign particles and, besides temporary delay, will create more complicated trouble and side effects and never cure the disease.

The only way to stop the undesirable body cell destruction or altered cell production is to reduce the concentration of the foreign particles from the body to reverse the trend of reaction. This could be achieved by using biotherapeutic method called “Neutral Infection Absorption” to drain away all the diseases causing foreign particles from the body infected.


Figure-4                                  METASTASIS OF CANCEROUS CELLS

Once healthy cell turned in to cancerous cell cannot stay in that location for two reasons; first by attaching promoter into healthy cell size of cancerous cell increased so cannot physically fit to stay at the same location, secondly cancerous cell is not the same and is foreign for surrounding cells and will be rejected. Because of promoters are different size so are cancerous cells and they cannot stick together they stay loose. Now cancerous cells could use blood stream or lymphatic system to move around, metastasis Fig.4. If used blood stream to move around, cancerous cells will end up in the capillaries of the lungs a very common site of cancer spread. If used lymphatic system will end up first in lymph nodes on their way, if lymph nodes cannot handle all of them then remaining will end up in the liver. Cancer cells trapped in lymph nodes will be destroyed slowly. If liver also cannot handle the remaining cancer cells will move to the bones. If lung cannot hold all of cancer cells then remaining will end up in the brain, Brain and bones are the last stops for spreading cancer cells.



Figure-5                                                                      Cancerous tumor

Newly developed cancer cells will form soft tumor Fig.5, like fishes in the net, and grow if they cannot find way to join circulating blood stream or lymphatic system. In tumor cancer cells are loose because each of them is different, since each of them has attached different size of promoter. Different size cancer cells cannot stick together. Cancer cells in tumor will also metastasize if tumor cannot hold them in the sac and burst.

Number of cancer in the tumor will be more than existing healthy cells because for each healthy cell turned cancer will be replenished with new cell by dividing one of the healthy cell, surrounding missed one, to replace vacated space, this new cell also can be turned into cancer, and again another cell will be divided to replace newly vacated space and so on. This way the number of cancer cells will exceed the number of healthy cell in that location.                                           




It is very common for cancer cells first to travel from the site of the original cancer to the nearest lymph nodes. This is because there is a natural circulation of tissue fluid from the organs through the lymphatic system. Cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes may cause them to swell up. Easy to see those by self examination if they are near the surface of the body. The swollen lymph nodes can block the circulation of tissue fluid. This can cause fluid retention and swelling in the part of the body affected. For example, swollen lymph nodes in the armpit or groin can cause swelling in the arm and leg. Cancerous cells trapped in the lymph nodes will be slowly destroyed. If lymph node cannot handle all the cancer cells, remaining cancer cells will further spread and end up in the liver or lung. If the liver and lung cannot handle all the cancer cells then remaining will spread further and will end up in the bones and brain. Last stop for spreading cancer cells.




If woman has enough carcinogens in her body she will have breast cancer if she produces promoter. If she had the condition to produce promoter it will be in the breast because in woman breast is the most sensitive organ. Removing the breast for prophylactic purpose will not stop having cancer, anyway will start cancer somewhere else. If cancerous cells could move freely they will join lymphatic system and end up first in the nearest lymph nodes, in armpit, if it is too many, then remaining will end up in lungs or liver. If could not find the way to join blood stream or lymphatic system then will develop soft malignant tumor, like fishes in the net. The first signs of cancer will be swollen lymph nodes in the armpit. Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit can cause swelling in the arm on the same side of the body. Actually it is not necessary to find out where the cancer is in the breast, how big is the tumor or if spread all over the body, we do not need to know which part of the body spread to, we only need to know if there are traces of cancers, it’s enough to immediately start the NIA treatment method. Never have mastectomy that is not a solution can only delay cancer for couple months or years only, because removing the breast will remove carcinogens existing in the breast only not from the blood. When we start the cancer treatment with NIA method first all metastasis cancers and carcinogens in the blood will be cleaned up, then will stop tumor from growing. White defensive cells will destroy them slowly in the tumor. 


                                                   LUNGS CANCER


Cigarette never caused and never can cause cancer it can only produces promoter. If person has enough carcinogens in the body then cigarette will help to start cancer in the lung. If person chewing tobacco then will have mouth cancer, because tobacco produces promoter. If cancer metastasized from other primary source of cancer then non smoker will have secondary cancer in the lung. It is not excluded for both, smokers and non smokers, to have lung cancer from lung infection like flu or tuberculoses. The lungs are the commonest organ for cancers to spread to. This is because the blood from most parts of the body flows back to the heart and then to the lungs before it goes to any other organs. Cancer cells that have found their way into the blood system can get stuck in the tiny capillaries of the lungs. When primary, for smokers, and secondary, for non smokers, cancer source establishes in the lungs usually pertain water and physician can drain the fluid by putting in a needle or a thin tube. Unless using NIA method to stop the fluid from collecting, it will build up again and again. When cancer establishes in the lungs it is very possibility to get infection so treatment will start with antibiotic.

Recently talking too much about cigarette causing lung cancer. Absolutely baseless lie. Cigarette never caused cancer and never will cause cancer it can only produces promoters, which help to cause cancer if in the body exist carcinogens at critical concentration. My father started smoke cigarettes since 12 years old. His father, my grandfather, was tobacco merchant so cigarette was readily available. My father smoked cigarettes 12 hours a day and never had any problem with his lung he died by natural causes at 80 years old. If cigarette causes lung cancer there are 40 to 50 million Americans smoking cigarette they should die from lung cancer. In reality only 400 thousand a year dying from lung cancer you cannot blame only cigarette for it, since there is many more reasons, like metastasis from original sites, of other types of cancer to get lung cancer and die.

I do not mean that I am encouraging smoking, I do not smoke and I do not like smokers it is not good habit, but nobody can deny scientific results and nobody has the right to falsify to deny smoking. Women are the flowers of our life, smokers are the weeds. 


                                                     BRAIN CANCER


Brain cancer most possibility caused by metastasis from lung cancer. The most common symptoms from cancer that has spread to the brain are; Headaches and Feeling sick. These symptoms are caused because the cancer tumor growing in the brain is taking up space. The space for the brain is limited by the skull so the growing cancer tumor causes an increase in pressure inside the skull. This is called raised intracranial pressure.


                                   MALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN’S CANCER

                                                    PROSTATE CANCER


If man has enough carcinogens in his body then he will have prostate cancer if he produces promoter. If he had the condition to produce promoter it will be in the prostate because for man prostate is the most sensitive organ. If cancerous cells could move freely they will join circulating lymphatic system, and then on their way be trapped in the lymph nodes of groin. Swollen lymph nodes can block the circulation of tissue fluid. Swollen lymph nodes in the groin can cause swelling in the leg. If             the accumulated sperm in prostate coming from infected with HPV testicle then cancer will cause prostate cancer. In some cases prostate cancer often show unexpected spreads to the bone.




Testicular cancer most possibility could start by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can produce promoter in testicle. If in the body are enough carcinogens at critical concentration then cancer is inevitable. Testicular cancer often spread to the nearest lymph nodes in groin from primary cancer. Then from there to the bones. Sperm produced in the infected with HPV testicles will contain HPV and will cause sexually transmitted diseases to female partners during intercourse if it is not protected sexual activity.




During intercourses if vagina is infected with HPV then penis washed with HPV will produce promoter on penis and cause penile cancer of course if carcinogens are at critical concentration or more in the body.

Almost 90% of in situ and 70% of invasive penile tumor samples are positive for HPV DNA. Men with antibodies to HPV 16 have double the risk of invasive penile cancer of men without antibodies. [1]




It is my personal opinion to explain the reason, benefit and the need for circumcision, why it happened and where it started. I was born in Middle East, from my own personal experience I know that in the hot summer days, sperm production is on its peak and prostate is full and overflowing. If the sperm is not used on time, because not married or not visiting a prostitute or other means, sperm tend to leak and this leak accumulates at the tip of the penis under the foreskin. If this leakage is not washed or wiped up on time, will get infected.
Thousands years ago in the Middle East and North Africa hygiene was very poor, lack of water and soap. At that time smart people has found the solution to avoid infection of the penis, they introduced circumcision as a best solution, particularly in that hot countries like in the Middle East and North Africa, where the circumcision became not only routine but main identity for Muslims and Jews. Hitler, during WW2, used circumcision to identify Jews from Christians. Now we just entered 21st Century the condition has been changed dramatically all over the world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, so we no longer need circumcision. Since circumcision, at the beginning, not only became routine practice, but became part of the religion for Muslims and Jews, because at that time the only way to enforce it could do through religion and process of circumcision itself became a religious ceremony. Now circumcision became a political tool also, many hospitals in the U.S. forcibly practicing circumcision as a tool, to fool and confuse next "Hitler" from identifying Jews from Christians. We absolutely do not need circumcision anymore, it has no benefit, in some circumstances may infect the women. Both male and female circumcision is not acceptable anymore must be stopped.
Foreskin keeps the tip of the penis covered, lubricated, sensitive and clean.
Circumcised penis lose their sensitivity, not covered and protected, not lubricated,
in absence of it could irritate and introduce infection to vagina during sex.


                      FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN’S CANCER                                    

Female reproductive organ’s cancer is very net. The first condition is to have carcinogens in the body at critical concentration, that happens when carcinogens accumulate and reaches to its critical concentration in the body during years from the contaminated food we consume. Once carcinogens are at critical concentration cancer starts when promoter is produced in the area of the female reproduction organs. The main causes of cancer in female reproductive organs is contaminated sperm with HPV, which produces promoter and carcinogens use them to turn healthy cells to cancerous, all this happens during intercourses


Vulva cancer happens when contaminated with HPV sperm pored on entrance of vagina. Sperm contaminated with HPV produces promoter and carcinogens use it to cause vulva cancer.


During intercourses if penis is in the middle of vagina sperm pored in the middle of vagina contaminated sperm with HPV produces promoter, carcinogens use it to produce vaginal cancer.


                                          HPV AND CERVICAL CANCER

During intercourses if penis is in front of the cervical but not touching it and contaminated sperm pored on cervical produces promoter, then promoter used by carcinogens to produce cervical cancer.

                                          HPV AND UTERUS CANCER 

During intercourses if penis is in deep firmly touching cervical and sperm pored in uterus with low pressure then contaminated sperm with HPV produces promoter, carcinogens use it to produce uterus cancer.

                                          HPV AND OVARIS CANCER

During intercourse if penis is in deep firmly touching cervical and sperm pored with high pressure and reached fallopian tubes then contaminated sperm produces promoter in ovaries and carcinogens uses promoter to produce ovarian cancer.


                                          HPV AND ANAL CANCER 


During anal intercourses when sperm contaminated with HPV pored on anus create anal cancer. HPV contaminated sperm produces promoter and carcinogens use them to produce anal cancer.

                                                  STOMACH CANCER

                          Helicobacter Pylori infection and cancer

Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) is a spiral bacterium that specifically and selectively resides beneath the mucus layer next to the stomach and duodenum. The bacterium invades the stomach lining causing chronic gastritis. H. Pylori produces promoters, therefore it causes most of stomach cancer. Metastasis from pancreatic cancer can cause stomach cancer also.

There are highly effective treatments for the infection and evidence from trials suggests a reduction in gastric cancer risk with H. pylori eradication. Eradication of H. pylori generally requires a combination of antibiotics and an acid-blocker/proton pump inhibitor. Current regimens should achieve greater than 85 percent of eradication after one to two weeks of treatment. There may be pain at night when stomach is empty and start irritate wall of stomach and produces promoters, which are used by carcinogens to turn healthy cells to cancerous. Some relief of pain with food and a recurrence of pain in two to four hours when food is consumed and stomach is empty again. Eradication of H. Pylori stops producing promoters and carcinogens stop turning healthy cells to cancerous because of insufficient promoter. By using NIA method will eliminate carcinogens, and cancer never will come back again even H. Pylori still is there, because cancer was caused by carcinogens not by H. Pylori bacterium.. [6]


                                                       LIVER CANCER


Many cancers spread to the liver. The cancers of the digestive system are most likely to spread to the liver because the lymph from the digestive system circulates through capillaries of the liver before it goes back to the heart and then to the lungs. So it is common for digestive system cancers that have spread to the liver can cause liver cancer. In fact the liver is the second commonest site of cancer spread after lungs. There are a number of ways cancer in the liver can cause ascites. Cancer may be blocking the normal lymph flow through the liver causing a back pressure of fluid. The healthy liver makes proteins that circulate in the blood. The proteins help to keep fluid in the blood stream and stop it from leaking out into the tissues. If the liver is damaged, it may not be making enough of these proteins and so fluid tends to leak out and collect in the abdomen or in other parts of the body, such as the feet and ankles. Can be drained excess fluid from inside the abdomen by putting in a needle. But unless they can stop the fluid from collecting, it will build up again and again. Only NIA method can fix the problem.


                                                     PANCREATIC CANCER

Sometimes it is very difficult to guess where cancer will start but one thing definitely we can say that cancer will start where ever in the body starts producing promoters. From my own experience when I had pancreatic cancer metastasis occurred in stomach, intestine and the duck connecting pancreas to stomach, of course could end up in liver also. Read the story about my own pancreatic cancer on September 23, 2003.


                                                           BONES CANCER


Bone cancer cannot be primary source of cancer but some cancers quite often spread to the bones. The most common effects of secondary cancer in the bones, lower part of the body, are from prostate cancer, testicular cancer, cervical and uterus cancers could also be in upper body from breast cancer and lung cancer.


HIV like other infections can only produces promoter, it is likely that the weakened immune system of someone with AIDS allows and helping the growth of tumor quickly. HIV/AIDS cannot cause cancer if there are not carcinogens in the body at critical concentration. NIA method is the best method to cure HIV/AIDS disease. [7]

                                               LIFESTYLE AND CANCER RISK

In medical literatures you read all kind of baseless talk about lifestyle to prevent and cure cancer. No one of them have any prove to claim that. My mechanism development of cancer clearly shows that prevention and cure for cancer solely involved method to eliminate carcinogens from the body is Neutral Infection Absorption (NIA) method there is no any substitute or alternative. No one of lifestyle can eliminate carcinogens to prevent or cure cancer. For instance; Tobacco, bodyweight, physical activity, diet, hormones, sunlight, occupations and infections. Diet has nothing to do to prevent or cure cancer, by consuming selective food either cannot prevent nor cure cancer. The main problem is not the food; it is what kind of chemicals exists in the food, like in fruits and vegetables or processed food preservatives. Sometimes people claim that you have to consume organic food, please do not fool yourself there is no organic food anymore all of them are dirty business to fool the people to make money. One of organic food is organic tomato, which looks healthy and never get spoiled, that is correct because it is so tasteless and bad nutrition worm refuse to eat it to spoil it, they it only the best and tastiest tomato, that is the reason the best tomato get spoiled. You better consume the cheapest food and then eliminate carcinogens, chemicals, consumed with the fruits and vegetables by using NIA method.




Which food is good or bad, high nutrition or low, you do not need to go to laboratory to test and find out. We have the ideal the most super perfect laboratory in our body our mouth, which gives you instant test results and force you to reject if it is bad for your stomach or accept to eat if will not harm you.

You look on the face of the baby they do not know what is test or smell if you give some nutrition tong instantly tests and tell the baby eat or reject, you can see from the face of the baby, eat if good or reject if food will harm and stomach will not accept for digestion. If baby decide to it bad food the result will be vomiting so do not force baby to eat when mouth laboratory says “no” that means at this point that food is not acceptable because of some problem with stomach but try later many times until stomach accept that food. Anyway this problem does not means that food is bad, no, food is bad in that moment only because of stomach problem later that problem will be corrected and food will be accepted. Our tong tells us immediately which food is good or bad, try strawberry regular and genetically modified. Regular strawberry smells fantastic and tastes very good, then try GM strawberry does not smells at all and tastes like eating plastic. Conclusion is that normal food has high nutrition and enjoy eating but GM food has les nutrition but will not harm you and you will not enjoy eating. Nature create only the best food any change by man only will change to the worst nobody can create better food than nature.

We have another good sign which food is good, for instance regular tomato smells good, high nutrition content and tastes good, GM tomato looks good but tastes bad and less nutrient, you can fool the people to eat GM tomato but you cannot fool worm they eat only the best that is the reason good tomato spoils worm eat them GM tomato do not spoil because worm refuses to eat them.

Myself experienced stomach problem, when stomach has a problem and cannot digest the food will reject from beginning, tong will not accept but the same food tong will accept later when stomach problem is fixed and accepting the same food which was rejected before. Once I ate lung kebab (barbeque) and catch cold, I had stomach problem, anytime after that when I see lung kebab I wanted to vomit, but I wanted to eat again. Next time I tried to eat I put the lung kebab to my mouth I wanted to vomit, I tried again weeks later I put the lung kebab in my mouth I chewed as soon as I wanted to swallow I womited, later I tried again this time I could swallow stomach accepted because problem was fixed by itself without any remedy. The same happens with allergy you can repeat again and again at the end stomach will be fixed and accept the food.

In 2003 I had pancreatic cancer 7 consecutive days  I was vomiting and had diarrhea, in 7 days I lost 53 pounds, one third of my cancerous stomach was removed, anything I try to eat vomiting I tied many food I could not eat any one then I asked my wife to bring me mortadella, which was my most favorable food, when I put in my mouth I felt I am eating poison so that also I could not eat, finally I tried yogurt it was perfect so I eat yogurt for one month until my stomach was fixed and accepting regular food. It was Thanks giving day my niece prepared turkey I picked up one big leg and started to eat, everybody was looking at me, when I have to vomit, I was so hungry I ate hole leg without any problem contrary I was looking for another piece to eat but people around me did not permit, this case also shows if stomach have problem will not accept certain food but later starting accept when problem has been fixed by itself. I never listen doctors  about food what to eat or not eat. I listen to my stomach, some times my stomach tells me need salt I add extra salt to my food  after for a wile stomach tells me is enough and I feel salt tastes unpleasant I stop using extra salt going back to normal usage. Then weeks later my stomach tells me need sweets so I obey my stomach and start to eat all kinds of jams and sweets, add double amount of sugar to my tea and coffee, add sugar to milk to drink then slowly I feel sweet bothering me and I stop using extra amount coming back to normal. Listen to your stomach that is the best way to keep your body healthy, if you feel thirst drink water or juice, if you feel hot use ice cream do not listen other’s recommendations fulfill stomach’s recommendations to keep your health, amen.   





Figure-6                                                          AUTOACCELERATION

New cancerous cells will have different size and shape therefore will not fit in the same place, in addition surrounding cells will accept the new cancerous cells as a foreign and will be rejected. If cancerous cells could find way will join blood stream or lymphatic system and circulate all over the body to create secondary sources of cancer by metastasis or will form a sac, like fishes in the net, in the same area and grow to form a malignant tumor.

Uncontrolled division of cancer cells could happen in two ways; auto acceleration and continuous division of free cancer cells.

1. Auto acceleration happens when carcinogen helps chemically connect promoter to healthy body cells turning it into cancerous cells, which itself becoming an initiator and adding to increase the amount of already existing in the body carcinogens and turning the reaction into autocatalytic as a consequence increases cancer production. This is auto acceleration because every time produced cancer cell increases amount of initiator (carcinogens) therefore accelerate production of cancer cells.

Auto accelerated reaction is the main reason for fast production of cancerous cells in the body, by mechanism of auto accelerated chemical reaction, large amount of healthy cells are turning into cancerous cells, in its turn destroying important vital body organ’s ability to sustain normal life, as a consequences leading and causing the death. Death is caused not because of too many cancerous cells but because of too few healthy cells left to sustain normal function of the vital organs.

2. The other possibility is when healthy cell becomes cancerous and leaves the location and becomes a free floating cancerous cell in the lymphatic system. Cells intent to divide  if they feel empty space around them and stop division if there is none.

When normal cell divides ,in general, produces two identical normal cells, but in case of division of cancerous cell produces two different cancerous cells because when cell divides at the same time must divide promoter also but division of promoter cannot be divided in two identical pieces therefore created two cancer cells have different pieces of promoter therefore they are different cancer cells and they cannot stick together.

If there is many empty spaces, cell will divide as many times as needed to fill all empty spaces and stop dividing if there is no more empty spaces. Since cancerous cell is free and is in the lymphatic system starts to circulate around the body by metastasis until settles in liver, lung, brain or bones. Since metastasized cancerous cell rests on the surface of lung, for instance, only one side is occupied all other 5 sides are empty and mechanism of cell division gets in action and starts to divide to fill empty spaces around it. Since divided cancer cells are different they do not stick each other and never create a mass around it to stop the division. This is very normal mechanism of cell division and will not stop because divided cell will not stick together to create barrier without empty space around the cancerous cell in order to stop the division. These cancerous cells, no matter where they metastasized to, are the same as original sources. This is called uncontrollable cancer cell division in cancer researches by oncologist researchers.

Carcinogen is not a living microorganism to be killed in order to cure the disease, therefore we cannot use drugs to kill carcinogens or eliminate it, the only way to cure cancer is to physically remove carcinogens out of the body by using NEUTRAL INFECTION ABSORPTION (NIA) method, which is described below, there is no alternative and there will be no other methods to cure cancer, this is the most perfect method and the only one.

Because is not used any medications there is no dangerous side effects and no recurrences, which are imminent when used radiation and chemotherapy.





The idea of this (NIA) method is to artificially introduce a foreign substance into the body and let the body’s immune system get in action and fight against it.

The main purpose of this method is to remove foreign particles and chemicals from the body in order to cure all chemically induced diseases.

To start the treatment we will need following materials.      

                        For the first time                                                         for everyday use      

  1. Shaving razor                                                                   1. Alcohol
  2. Plastic ring 25mm in diameter                                       2. Cotton ball
  3. or wedding ring                                                                3. Chick peas
  4. Adhesive tape                                                                   4. Cabbage
  5. Fresh garlic                                                                        5. Absorbent paper
  6. Garlic crasher                                                                    6. Adhesive tape
    1. Plastic Sheet                                                             7. Elastic bandage
    2. Scissor (nail)                                                         
    3. Tweezers                                                                  8.  Gauze bandage





Picture-1                                             Material used during treatment.

Picture-2                                 Shave this location to start the treatment.


We have to make artificial wound to start the NIA treatment. First we have to choose the location; the area has to be on soft muscle far from bone. Calves are the most practical place to do the wound than anywhere else on the body; it’s easier to take care without help. To make it easier if you are left handed start on right calf, if you are right handed start on left calf. Shave the location approximately 6 to 8 centimeter in diameter leaving the area of the wound to be in the center. Pic.-2

Picture-3                                 Fill the ring with freshly beaten garlic.

With two adhesive tapes Pic.-3 secure the plastic ring in the center of the shaved area. Plastic ring used to limit the size of the wound. Fill the ring with freshly crashed garlic evenly as high as the thickness of the ring, cover the ring with plastic sheet so that the juice of the garlic will stay inside and act to create after 6 to 8 hours a blister, some times you don’t see blister because it happened and burst so you have to move the skin by scratching the area with sharp end of nail scissor and removing the dead skin. If you cannot find plastic ring you can use wedding  ring.

Picture-4                                 Blister caused by freshly beaten garlic.

After 6 to 8 hours blister will be ready Pic.-4. To avoid infection cleanup around the blister with alcohol before pealing off the skin. First make a small cut with nail scissor then peal the skin off.

Picture-5                                             Chick pea in the wound.

 The wound is ready. Place a chick pea in the center of the wound and cover it with a, just prepared see DVD, sandwich of cabbage and absorbing paper, napkin, so that the inside surface of the cabbage, the clean side, faces the wound and bind it with elastic bandage tight enough to not slip down when you walk, Pic.-5. For peace of mind to prevent accidental infection is better to wet dry chick pea with your saliva of the mouth for couple second then place it in the wound, this will prevent accidental infection since saliva is the best killer of bacteria, this needed because first chick pea in the wound did not yet establish flow of lymph from inside to outside the body, this flow would not give the infection chance to go inside the body. This wetting of the first chick pea is needed, you do not need to repeat every day only first one.

The body will feel the presence of the foreign substance and will fight against it by sending proper body cells to this area to neutralize it.

The chick pea will absorb the lymphatic fluid and the carcinogens and establish flow of liquid from inside out until it gets saturated and keeps the wound alive, will not let to be healed. The absorbing paper in the sandwich will absorb the excess of the fluid. In this sandwich the cabbage will keep the moisture and prevent the edge of the skin from becoming dry and sticky. This will facilitate the exchange of the chick peas.

Picture-6                                             Wound without chick pea.

Next day, after 24 hours, open the wound Pic.-6 pull out the saturated chick pea cleanup around the wound with alcohol, insert in the wound another dry chick pea cover it with new clean sandwich of cabbage and absorbing paper, then bind with elastic bandage over the absorbing paper. Repeat the same process again every 24 hours for two days. Starting 3d day if the flow of the fluid is extensive and saturation of the chick pea comes earlier  then replacement has to take place every 12 hours. The sandwich of absorbing paper and cabbage has to be replaced by a new one every time the saturated chick pea is replaced. By replacing saturated chick peas with dry one actually we are removing carcinogens and other disease causing chemicals absorbed on chick peas. This procedure has to be continued again and again until the body is cleared from impurity of foreign substances. Blood will be clean after 2 months. Depending on the length and complication of the illness it will take between 6 to 24 months to remove all trouble causing particles and chemicals from all over the body. In case if you have to take a shower, first take the shower then change and replace the chick pea, do not take shower with open wound. Wound will get infection if you leave it open more than one minute without chick pea so replace the dry one immediately without delay. 
Remember never touch or treat with peroxide inside the wound, always wash your hands before replacing the chick peas. Do not need to wash chick peas or cabbage.

Time of termination can not be predicted. If no longer pus and infected blood coming out and color of the wound is normal and the main thing if you feel better then it is time to terminate the treatment. To terminate the treatment the last chick pea has to be removed and the hole kept empty, but replacement of cabbage and absorbing paper must be continued for many days until the wound is healed or treat it as a common wound Pic.-7. The sole danger in this method is the outside infection of the wound without chick peas. With chick pea inside the wound never get infection it is absolutely safe. Certain natural infection is permissible during treatment but must be very careful when wound treated without chick pea.

Since 1943 I have been testing this method to cure all types of so-called "incurable" diseases. Most of the patients were my family members, including my mother, myself and my wife, or close relatives and the diseases were arthritis related. Recuperation in all cases went up to 100% and no recurrence recorded. Since no drugs or medicines are used in this method there were no side effects, like in medical treatment, where side effects are imminent in most cases.
You have to expect following during treatment; through the wound will come out muddy liquid, pus, infected blood, all these are body’s inside infection coming out of the body do not confuse with outside infection, which will never happen as long as chick peas are in the wound. Discoloration and swelling around the wound, sever pain and bad odor all these are normal do not panic all will go away as recuperation progresses, it will take time be patient. If the chick pea is not saturated it will not come out easily will stick in the wound in this case never try to pull out by using force let the chick pea stay in the wound for another day until gets saturated and pops out when you press around the wound with your fingers. Before changing the chick peas you can take a shower or swim in the sea then you change the chick peas and wet bandage, absolutely no problem...

To terminate the treatment continue the process as you were doing every day, the last chick pea has to be removed and the wound kept empty for many days until heals by itself, if there is too much infection around the wound, healing will take little bit longer until all the infection comes out completely or treat it as a common wound with an antibacterial medicine.

Picture7.                     Closed wound after termination of treatment.                                                        





To cure cancer we have to eliminate the causation, cancer caused by carcinogens, which was accumulated in the body during years from the food we consume. Since carcinogen is not a living microorganism we cannot use drugs to eliminate them by killing, so we have to physically remove them out of the body to eliminate the causation.     The only naturally treatment method, which can remove carcinogens out of the body is NEUTRAL INFECTION ABSORPTION (NIA) method, which is the only method in the world there is no alternative or substitute and it is the most perfect method and the only one. In this NIA method we are making artificial wound to access inside the body, used chick peas in the wound to keep the wound alive, and establish flaw of liquid outward and absorb carcinogens, covered with cabbage to keep the moisture around the wound to stay soft so replacement of saturated chick peas with dry ones make it easy and painless.

Presence of chick pea in the wound first keeps the wound alive and active and prevents wound from being healed and secondly causes body’s immune system to get in action, pushing all carcinogens and all other particles, including cancerous cells, which do not belong to the body and could even harm, toward wound and discarding them out of the body. In two months blood is free of carcinogens and cancerous cells, but to cleanup all over the body will take at least six months and the disease will be cured 100%, in some cases it will take little bit longer if the disease is many years old or treated with radiation and chemotherapy, but definitely will be cured if it is not too late or damage is reversible. 

During this treatment you can see muddy liquid, pus and infected blood coming out of the wound and smells very bad has bad odor. If too much infection accumulated around the wound you see discoloring and swelling but will go away as soon as infection gets out, that happens because too much infection is coming around the wound to get out but wound taking them out slowly sooner or later they will get out and swelling will go away. The wound itself never gets infected because of liquid flaws outward. During treatment when pus or infected blood is coming out will cause a lot of pain so you can use pain killer for relief and never any medications intended to cure cancer because radiation and chemotherapy can only cause cancer or accelerate existing cancer and never cure it. Is not recommended home remedy, vitamins, hormonal and herbal treatment also they may only slow down or stop the treatment.   


WARNING. In case of diabetes take precaution, when using this method, and strictly control the sugar level to successfully heal the wound, there will be no problem.





Normal cells in the body are stable, balanced and have zero polarity, as soon as healthy cell turns to cancerous every thing changes. Cancerous cells are not stable, not balanced and have polarity this is the reason MRI can detect cancerous cells and only my suggested model represent them Fig.7. When we send an impulse to cells, normal cells stop, have zero relaxation time but cancerous cells, because of polarity and irregular shape, have certain long relaxation time, so MRI detecting the differences of relaxation times between normal and cancerous cells and give us the locations of these cells.

Figure-7                                              Magnetic Resonance Imaging  

I like to demonstrate relaxation time of normal, damaged by bacteria and cancerous cells on prepared model of Compact Discs [Watch DVD].

Healthy disc represents normal cells they are stable and have zero polarity and zero relaxation time, when I send impulse disc stops immediately.

Infected disc represents cell damaged by bacteria, which is partially unbalanced very weak polarity therefore have close to zero relaxation time.

Cancer disc represents cancerous cells, which is polar, irregular and unstable when I send impulse disc stops only after certain long relaxation time. All this experiments clearly shows how MRI is working to detect cancerous cells.



I was treating people various incurable diseases, started with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatism, Breast cancer and so on, but myself never experienced any incurable diseases, which I was dreaming to have for first hand experience. All previous were other people telling me doctor said she has breast cancer spread all over the body, after NIA treatment, again doctor said she does not have cancer in her body, all the time doctor said you have then doctor said you don’t have I could not prove myself. Finally on September 23, 2003 I had pain in my upper abdomen. Next day I started vomiting and diarrhea my color was yellow my urine was black like coffee. My physician admitted me in St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, any medication to stop vomiting or diarrhea failed did not help I could not eat anything and running to toilet 6-7 times a day, lost 53 pounds in 7 days, from 195lb to 142lb. And nobody could find out what was the problem, what was going on. Finally on September 29, 2003 doctors decided to have a surgery to correct the problem. Anyway during surgery doctors found out that I had pancreatic cancer. After 5 ½ hours of surgery they cut and removed two ends of pancreas, removed and fixed tumor blocking the duck between pancreas and stomach, removed 1/3 of my cancerous stomach, removed gall bladder with stones, at the end 5 participant doctors recommended my wife to prepare a funeral for me in case. My wife told me that we do not have enough cash in the bank for funeral. I said it is very simple we do not have money for funeral I will not die so we will not need money for funeral.

After I woke up main surgeon Dr. Fadi F. Attiyeh, M.D. told me that I had pancreatic cancer. I was happy I told him very nice, he was very serious and told me chemotherapy is the only hope to save your life. I rejected immediately and asked him to discharge me from hospital to go home. Immediately I started my NIA treatment after two months my blood test to find traces of cancer were negative and still is negative. My kind of pancreatic cancer sufferer survives only 4% in the USA and 5% in the UK.


                                            RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
If we compare with other diseases, we find out that Rheumatoid Arthritis has a
mechanism similar to cancer the only difference is the carcinogen. This time carcinogen
attacks only cartilage of the joints turning cells of cartilage to cancerous cells which get
loose free and spread all over the body by metastasis, thinning the cartilage or tearing down completely. If healthy cartilage cell turned to cancerous but could not get loose free or get loose free but could not join the blood stream, then they will form soft malignant tumor around the joints and the defensive white cells will attack them in this area causing to swell and redness around the joints, which is common for Rheumatoid Arthritics. Altered cells of cartilage are not part of life sustaining organ therefore they are not causing the death because they are attacking only cartilage, which is not important life sustaining functional organ.

100% cure is available if you use "NEUTRAL INFECTION ABSORPTION” method.



There are two groups of diseases caused by viral-bacterial and particle-chemical. The first group of diseases (venereal, flu, etc.) is initiated by living microorganism like viruses and bacterium. In this group diseases are transferable from one person to another by physical contact or by air. The second group of diseases (cancer, arthritis, etc.) caused by particles and chemicals (asbestos, food preservatives, etc.). These diseases are not transferable by contact or by air.
If you have a single virus in your body, you never feel the symptoms of disease. Using cell's internal duplication mechanism, virus duplicates itself and accumulates in the body, you do not feel the disease, but when reaches certain "critical" amount of viruses you will experience full symptoms of the disease. To reach to "critical" amount of viruses could take between few minutes to few hours. The same is for microorganism, the only difference is, that microorganism is not using cell's duplication mechanism, instead using cells as a nutrient and reproducing itself. To cure this type of viral - bacterial diseases, since they are living microorganism, we can use medicine to kill or immobilize the viruses and bacterium in addition to the body’s defense system.
If the diseases caused by particles and chemicals, mechanism is different, this time there are no duplication or reproduction, instead accumulation is, to reach to "critical" amount to cause the disease, which takes years, see NOTE. This kind of chemicals, which causes "incurable" diseases, comes inside the body and accumulates through the food we intake to survive. To cure this kind of particle-chemical diseases there is only one single method to take these particles and chemicals out of the body, there is no alternative this is the only way to cure these diseases, which is done successfully by using Neutral Infection - Absorption method. To cure these kind of diseases by using radiation or chemo-therapy, can only cause or accelerate existing cancer and never cure it, because radiation and chemo-therapy do not eliminate the cause of disease, carcinogens, instead kills the cancerous and also healthy cells and leave the carcinogens to start all over again, recurrence. Here is not so clear, you imagine if you have bacterial disease, how you can cure the disease if you destroy damaged cells and leave the bacteria alive to start damaging more and more cells.

A Survey of Unorthodox Cancer Treatments


Everyone has his own idea of just what a "quack" can be. To most of us it means a crackpot who peddles useless products at exorbitant prices. In recent years the term has been widened to include anyone who promotes a treatment which is not in complete accord with the policies or attitudes of organized medicine. People who are against fluoridation, no matter what their background, are classified by some as quacks; those who are convinced of the power of vitamin E are called quacks; an advocate of natural food in the diet is labeled a quack, etc. But the term, in its most damning sense, is reserved for those who would presume to treat cancer by means of anything but surgery or radiation. It might be an untrained country boy who has treated his local neighbors with a homemade remedy, or a bona tide researcher who has tested his treatment in a hundred scientific ways. If the medical fraternity frowns on the treatment, the treatment is finished. The developer and his associates are branded as quacks. Your doctor will be told it is a worthless treatment. He might run into serious professional trouble if he uses it.
Actually how good is the treatment? Medical authorities say it is no good. The researchers say it is beneficial. He has list of patients who are willing to testify that they were helped, even completely cured, by the treatment. But once that first verdict has been handed down, nobody of any influence or authority will listen, or look at the evidence.
If the medical profession wants to find a cancer cure, why is it not willing to look for it wherever it might be? Are we to miss it because it originates in a small laboratory in the Southwest instead of the stainless steel and stone skyscraper of a multimillion-dollar research center? It is as though we had refused to use electricity because it was discovered by a publisher instead of a scientist, or refused to enjoy the Mona Lisa because it was painted by an inventor, instead of a full-time artist.


At least since 1900 all the researches, by professional oncologists, in the field of Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis was to not find cure for these diseases so they can keep the job and income for better living for ever. If they find cure they have to shut down all the research centers. Because I am physicist not a physician I was not interested to continue the research so I found cure for these illnesses.

NIA method is universal is not a medicine for specific illness therefore you do not have to know specific names of cancer illness. You do not need to know where the primary sources of cancer are or which part of the body metastasized to. Do not need to have expensive tests like MRI, CAT SCAN, PET-SCAN, X-RAYS, SONOGRAM and others, which can only harm more. If you just know that you have Cancer or Rheumatoid Arthritis is enough to start NIA treatment, because NIA treatment cleans up all the particles and chemicals do not belong to the body and causing the illnesses. In general any illnesses are incurable by medicine this method is curing that illnesses 100%.

1. If you are healthy and you want to avoid Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis you better use NIA method at least for 6 months for prophylactic purposes because no matter what you do you will have Carcinogens in your body accumulated from the food you eat.

2. If already you have the illnesses do absolutely nothing do not use any medicine to cure them, only use NIA method and the recuperation will be 100% without any complications, problems and recurrence.

3. If you want healthy baby without any medical problems, before conceiving mother to be, not the father, must use NIA method at least for 6 months to clean up the blood feeding fetus. Clean blood grows healthy baby. If you cannot conceive to have a baby NIA method solves the problem after 6 months of treatment with NIA method you can have baby, already many women suffering of infertility successfully had baby.


CANCER: Breast, liver, spleen, lung, pancreas, stomach, intestine, colon, kidney, vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, leukemia, skin, bone, brain, prostate, testicles, bladder, nodes, mouth in one word all cancer diseases.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatism, Arthritis,   Emphysema, Glaucoma, Bronchitis, Asthma, Lupus, Colitis and all Arthritic related diseases. 

HIV/AIDS can be cured if you use (NIA) Neutral Infection Absorption method.

                                  VERY IMPORTANT ADWISE FOR EVERYBODY


Diseases can be cured but it is more important if prevented. To prevent diseases scientists invented vaccination. Vaccination can be used for single virus, if you want vaccinate for many viruses you have to make vaccine for each virus but still sometimes virus mutates and vaccine is not effective anymore to prevent the diseases so you have to make new vaccine for mutated virus. Preparing vaccine sometimes takes years.

In case of chemical diseases vaccine cannot be used since virus is not involved to induce chemical diseases and vaccine is prepared for viruses only. If you use NIA method and eliminate all chemical disease causing initiators you will get better than vaccine type prevention, since blood is clean from all kinds of initiators, all diseases has been cured for life except cancer, which will starts only when carcinogens reaches to critical concentration, naturally, not from previous cancer, only from new carcinogens we get from the food we consume. This way we cure following diseases for life: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema never comes back, in addition prevent Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases, also prevent Cancer at least for 10 to 15 years, at the end if you repeat NIA treatment again for prophylactic purpose you prevent having cancer for another 10 to 15 years.

Please do not hesitate to use NIA method for prophylactic purposes, this is the best way to prevent cancer, since cancer has no symptom sometimes when discovered could be too late, irreversible, therefore much wiser to use NIA method and be safe and healthy for life and it is free. I am telling that this NIA method cures “incurable” diseases 100% but cannot bring back from the funeral home therefore use it for prophylactic purposes and be safe.


You have one life to live do not count on second one.

Ladies please give us healthy babies use NIA method at least for 6 months then conceive to have trouble free healthy baby.


A regular medical checkup is a totally unnecessarily waste of time for both patient and the physician, the time could be used for more important help of already sick people who need immediate help. No one physician can say when and what kind of illness you are going to have unless it happens. If regular checkups could help to prevent an illness from occurring, first the physician himself would not get any disease and would die by natural death, which never has happened and never will happen. When you go for checkup you have to tell the doctor what kind of complain you have, not the doctor.

Suppose during a checkup, by a magic physician found out that tomorrow you are going to have Rheumatoid Arthritis. He couldn’t stop it from occurring or prevent it in any ways, and if it happened, the physician has no cure for it. Then where is the importance of a checkup to prevent illness from occurring. If you have early detected breast cancer what oncologist will do? Mastectomy, which is not a cure and oncologist, has no means to eliminate carcinogens in order to cure the disease, only NIA method can do it. No one can convince me that regular checkups do save unconfirmed illnesses and no one can provide proof that illness would not occur if they had regular checkups.

There are thousands of cases where patients were rated 100% healthy by family doctors who later had heart attack and died, or had other “incurable” diseases for which physicians have neither explanation nor cure.

The best thing is to be healthy and prevent many diseases from occurring by just keeping calm to not produce promoters so carcinogen, which always you have it in your body, cannot use it to turn healthy cells to cancerous. Still, the use of NIA method, for prophylactic purpose, would be the only and the best way to avoid all the “incurable” diseases from occurring and keeping your health in the best disease-proof shape, except for inevitable, natural virus infections against which the body’s defense system will take prompt action.




I have few words to add, medical practice became money making business this days. Expert Oncologist intentionally and knowingly using Radiation and Chemotherapy to kill   people just to make money for better living. I would say it is a conspiracy against humanity. Genetic therapy was the biggest medical fraud of 20th Century and Stem Cell therapy will be the biggest medical fraud of 21st Century. Thank you for reading this book.




On April 24, 1915 my grand father was arrested by the Ottoman Turkish solders and shot to death, just for being Armenian, he was a tobacco merchant and had nothing to do with politics, my father the same day picked  up all family and moved to Aleppo, Syria to avoid what happened to his father. My father could not find job in Syria, returned to Syrian-Turkish border to work in train station in Turkish side of the border. In 1916 my father married to my mother Marie Rezkalla Sayegh, in 1917 my brother Sarkis was born, in 1918 my brother Taufic was born.

All the time Turkish solders coming and asking door to door if any Armenian living there, every time my mother opens the door and telling the solders in Arabic that no Armenian living at that address.

My mother’s suggestion my father decided to change our name to Arabic to avoid harassment by Turkish solders so Chilkevorkian became Ashkar, which is translation of Chil, which means red haired, to Ashkar. Misak to Elias, Vartkes to Taufic. Changing the names to Arabic did not end the hassle. In 1919 Turkish solder knowing was my father is working decided to pick him up from train station. In the evening manager of the train station told my father to go home immediately and to not come back to work again because he got instruction to prepare all the Armenians working in train station for pick up next morning. In the next morning solders could not find my father they asked the manager were is my father, manager said that my father did not show up to work, then they asked my father’s address to pick him up. Early morning they knocked my father’s door as usual but this time they asked my mother by name were is my father since she realized that they know exactly were my father is  living she could not foul them and asked my father to come to face the solders, Turkish solders asked my father why he did not report to work, my father said that my older brother Sarkis is sick he has to take him to doctor, luckily solders told my father O.K. take your children to doctor tomorrow morning we will come and pick you up at 9 o’clock, my father said he will report to work tomorrow, solders said to not go to work and wait at home. Next day my father was ready but it was 9;30 nobody showed up, then decided to go out to see why solders did not come, when he opened the door he saw the same two Turkish solders are shot to death in front of his door steps by advancing French solders. Because of this my father was so afraid that may they charge my father for killing Turkish solders. He decided to move the family to Beirut Lebanon to start new life far from Turkish border. In 1921 my third brother Antoine was born, in 1925 my sister Angel was born finally in April 23, 1931 I was born.

I attended College Saint Gregoire in Ashrafieh, Beirut, LEBANON.
On July 4th 1947 all our family, except my sister, who was married, immigrated to Armenia in Soviet Union and settled in capital of Armenia, Yerevan. From 1947 to 1952 I attended # 44 school in Yerevan, Armenia.

In 1952 I graduated high school and the same year was admitted to physics faculty of STATE UNIVERSITY OF YEREVAN to study physics. In 1956 I was in MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY for six months preparing my graduation diploma in the field of cosmic rays, at physics department. In 1957 I graduated University as a nuclear physicist, specializing in cosmic rays. After graduation I was assigned to work in cosmic laboratory of the same University as senior researcher and immediately sent to city Dubna, north west of Moscow, to participate in research of structure of matter at International Research Center, using electron accelerator (of course it was for only democratic country of eastern Europe). After only two months in laboratory I was told to return home voluntarily or be fired, reason I was denied clearance to work in the research center, which considered secret. The basis for denial clearance was, unreliable foreign born citizen.
In 1959, to avoid constant denial of clearance to work in secret nuclear research laboratories, I decided to move to start research in mechanism polymerization of macromolecule, which was not considered secret field. I got position of senior researcher in VNISK, which mainly was involved in research and development of synthetic rubber, particularly in Neoprene. Here also, involuntarily, I got involved in secret research for navy. This time navy needed to cover underwater torpedoes and mines with Neoprene rubber to avoid detection by sonar, ultra sound detector, and I was the only person, who could do the work, because to do the job needed knowledge in physics, and I was the only physicist, all others were chemical engineers. Work was completed successfully; still I was denied access to see the results of the real test, which was conducted in Baltic sea by submarine. As a promotion, I was one of the eleven participants of the patent granted for that job and received 20.00 Rubles.
In September 12, 1959 I got married to Angel Jamil Khoukass, born on January 29, 1939 in Beirut, Lebanon, father Jamil, mother Azadouhi.
In 1962 I started for my doctorate degree in Thermo-Chemical laboratory at Moscow State University after LOMONOSOV, In Moscow.
In 1965, after finishing my Doctorate degree in Chemical Physics, I got position as senior researcher at Physics Institute of Yerevan, in Armenia.
In 1965 I applied for exit visa to immigrate back to my native country, Lebanon. After being denied for many times, finally six years later on December 1970 I got exit visa.
On March 12, 1971 I immigrated back to Lebanon and on September 29 of 1971 I and my wife entered United States via J.F. Kennedy airport in New York City.
On June 21, 1977 I became American citizen.
In United States first I worked as electrician and in 1977 I was self employed and actively making research in cancer up to date.
In 1980 I find cure for cancer. In 1983 tested on woman having breast cancer spread all over the body, recuperation was 100%.

In 1985 I was arrested and convicted as a criminal for finding cure for cancer.
In 1990 I find cure for HIV-AIDS but I did not test it, since I have no formal training to deal with dangerous and contagious virus like HIV-AIDS.
In 1995 I had angioplasty surgery to place stent in artery of my heart.

In 1999 I had triple bypass heart surgery without any complication.

In 2003 I had pancreatic cancer after 5 ½ hours surgery 5 participating doctors told my wife to prepare funeral for me they had no hope to save my life. Immediately I started NIA treatment and saved my life.
On Saturday, December 1, 2007 11.00 am my wife Angel passed away in New York City, she was 68 years old, resting in Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles.



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I did not add any other articles because all articles since 1900 about cure of cancer published in the leading medical journals like; New England Journal of Medicine, American Medical Association, Cancer, Lancet and many more are fraudulent and fake so they do not deserve to be here to not confuse the people. All the articles in the medical journals about finding cure for cancer should be shredded to not confuse other scientists involved in finding cure for cancer.





Mechanism development of clotting heart arteries is quite different from cancer. Initiator, electro magnetic in nature, gets trapped inside the wall of an artery creating an active center Fig.8. That happens because of electromagnetic activity in the heart, which creates very good condition to trap all electrically charged particles. That will not happen in other parts of the body because of lack of electromagnetic field.

Figure-8                                                          Clotting of Artery

, here LDL cholesterols are promoters in addition to naturally produced promoters. LDL cholesterol (bad) during passage through the electromagnetic field of active center gets polarized, because it is not saturated, and gets trapped at active center, but HDL cholesterol (good), which is saturated and has zero polarity and cannot be polarized, passes through electromagnetic field of active center without being trapped. Polarized LDL cholesterols form layer after layer around active center. At certain degree the layers become so thick that create a tumor like obstacle. This obstacle narrows the passage and slows down circulation of the blood. Lack of adequate blood supply to the heart causes the heart to stop. Cholesterol, no matter how many units, 5 or 500, because of large quantity never ever would stick inside the wall of arteries, may be outside, but never inside without an active center. Quantity of HDL or LDL has absolutely nothing to do with clogging.

Medical professionals say that cholesterol level 200 is good; up to 240 is acceptable but 240 and up not good. Statistic shows that 80% of the people dying from cholesterol related heart attack had their cholesterol level 225, remaining dying from cholesterol had less than 225, but people having cholesterol level 300 and up did not die yet from cholesterol.

Why people having cholesterol level too high not dying, because high cholesterol level help sticking together and pushing the cholesterol trapped at active center and opening and clearing the way for blood circulation.



High blood pressure is not a disease. It happens when needed to facilitate and speed up the blood supply where needed, or happens when any biological process is malfunctioning, as in the case of kidney disease, or not functioning at all. The demand and supply system is well developed and established in the human body. If supply is the same but demand is reduced, blood pressure goes up. Overloading the circulatory system with blood causes hypertension; vessels become filled beyond their normal capacity. Beside many causes, mainly this happens for both sexes in their fifties when eating habits are the same but sexual activities are reduced to a minimum or stopped, therefore less blood is used to produce semen in man and when monthly bleeding stops in women causes blood pressure to go up.

To normalize blood pressure, sexual activity has to be resumed or increased and eating habits slightly decreased. During the age of forties and fifties, intercourse once a week will keep blood pressure normal for both sexes, if both have reached orgasm during copulation. Otherwise it will normalize for the one who reaches orgasm; the other partner will still have blood pressure. This is some kind of self-service; one cannot reach orgasm to bring down the partner’s blood pressure and vice versa, but they can help each other to achieve it.

Diet prescribed by physician will only harm the normal biological process in the body and never cure the problem except artificially and temporarily it will bring down blood pressure for only a short time without eliminating the problem. Blood pressure strongly controlled by the brain, goes up if somewhere in the body short of supply of blood, mostly in brain, and goes down if there is no demand. Never reduce blood pressure by using medicine let the brain control it not the medicine.

My wife’s blood pressure was high when doctor gave blood pressure reducing medicine she got brain damage and died later.  Follow and satisfy your body’s natural demands, do not take physician’s recommended blood reducing medicine.  



If you have excess acid in your stomach, it means that acid sensors in your stomach are not functioning properly and not sending signal to stop production of acid. In such cases do not neutralize the acid in your stomach; this will reduce the quantity of acid and sensors will send an additional signal to produce more and more acid.

The proper way is to eat lemon in order to increase the quantity of acid in your stomach forcing the acid sensors to sense and send the right signal to stop production of acid and correct the problem permanently in the right direction.



Liquid part of the feces sometimes leaks from the bowels and causes hemorrhoids. The liquid part and the feces itself contain all kinds of waste products, indigestible remnants and millions of bacteria which are an irritant to the skin. The inside walls of the intestines have good resistance to all the contents of the feces but the skin, outside and around the anus is very sensitive to components of the feces, therefore, it easily gets affected by the leakage of liquid from the feces. Once irritated the anus gets dilated and swells. This in its turn weakens the anal sphincter and causes further leaks and irritation. Final results of irritations are bursting of blood capillaries in the area of dilation and hemorrhoids ensue.

No one drug or medicine can cure the illness. Any attempt to use drugs to cure it is waste of time, leading to additional complications and undesirable side effects.

The only way to heal the illness is the following;

1. Every time the bowels are emptied immediately wash inside and around the anus with soap and water.

2. Dry carefully with towel or toilet paper.

3. Apply and wipe all around and in the anus with alcohol using toilet paper or cotton ball.

Result will be a burning feeling. Repeat this procedure continuously until healing is completed; it will not last more than one month. At the end when you wipe with alcohol and do not feel a burning, that is the sign of completion of healing.

Every time you enter the toilet use the occasion and wipe and dry in and around the anus for any possible leak. Keeping dry and clean in and around the anus is the main condition to heal and avoid recurrence. Repeat this 3 - 4 times during the day until the next bowel movement.

Under no circumstances should any medicine be used except pure and clean alcohol. This will be permanent healing not a temporary relief as given by many recommended medicines. Consistency is very important one day of skipping will cause the process to start all over again.

                              PERSONAL OPINIONS

                                            ORIGIN OF GENDER


Creation of men and women, by nature or by God for believers, is a result of existent negative and positive charges.
When first time electricity was discovered scientist had to give direction of the electric current, by mistake they said that electric current flows from positive to negative, in reality, as we know now electric current is flow of electrons in conductor from negative toward positive.
Existent of electric charges, positive and negative, affected on our life also, nature created man and woman, in general male and female (as a comparison to electron and proton in atom). Man dominated scientists accepted that man is the positive charge women is the negative charge, we have to give up that Aryan thinking and accept the reality, that man is the negative charge woman is the positive charge. When they have a body contact the current (semen) flows from man to woman, not other way around. Structure of an atom proves that also, proton has positive charge, as a woman, and electron turning around proton has a negative charge, as a man. That concept repeated in our life, proton attracting electron like woman attracting man, electron is turning around proton like man turning around woman, other way is not considered normal. When a couple particles join, proton and electron, electron emits a photon, which is the first simplest element to build matter. Similarity exist in human, when couple join, man and woman, man eject semen, which is the first and simplest cell to produce human being. We are sophisticated biological macrostructure of the microstructure of the nature. The same way, planetary system is mechanical macrostructure of microstructure of an atom.
In addition, despite existence of equal numbers of positive protons and negative electrons in atom, the amount of negative charge of all electrons is less than positive charge of all protons, because electron, emitting photon when occupying the orbit around proton, reduces amount of negative charge in atom, so atoms in general are positive charged. The same situation exist in human population on Earth, female(positive) make the 52% of population against 48% of male(negative) population, probably the same ratio exist in atom, where positive charge is more than negative charge.


                       MALE-FEMALE DIFFERENCES

I tried to give specific differences between male and female. Physically both are the same except reproductive organs. Behavioral differences narrows in gays and lesbians, gays behave like female and lesbian behave like male. We cannot criticize anybody for behaving differently since nature created us, means it is natural and normal.



(Physical appearance is male, feels masculine)


                                    1. WORKING WITH RIGHT HAND

                                    2. RIGHT HAND TURNS CLOCKWISE

                      3. LEFT HAND TURNS C-CLOCKWISE

                                    4. RIGHT HAND STIRS CLOCKWISE

                                    5. LEFT HAND STIRS C-CLOCKWISE

                      6. STARTS STEPS WITH RIGHT FOOT

                                    7. SEATS LEGS OPEN

                                    8. RIGHT LEG CROSS OVER LEFT

                                    9. BOY PLAYS WITH TRUCK



(Physical appearance is man, feeling is feminine)

Likes to have sex with man

Signs of femininity could prevail



(Physical appearance is female, feels feminine)


                                    1. WORKING WITH LEFT HAND

                                    2. RIGHT HAND TURNS C-CLOCKWISE

                                    3. LEFT HAND TURNS CLOCKWISE

                     4. RIGHT HAND STIRS C-CLOCKWISE

                                    5. LEFT HAND STIRS CLOCKWISE

                                    6. STARTS STEPS WITH LEFT FOOT

                                    7. SEATS LEGS CLOSED

                                    8. LEFT LEG CROSS OVER RIGHT

                                    9. GIRL PLAYS WITH DOLL


(Physical appearance is woman, feeling is masculine)

Likes to have sex with woman

Signs of masculinity could prevail



Many important things are not explained in the journals. During sexual activity man having orgasm at the end having ejaculation, we know what is contains of ejaculated liquid, sperm, and is served to fertilize the egg to start new human being to be born. But how about woman orgasm, what is and what is the purpose of it seems to have no specific value and purpose but in the body everything has a role in the body there is nothing without any purpose. I suggested that woman orgasm serves to neutralize semen left after intercourse in the vagina area to prevent accidental pregnancy in the vaginal area. 


Using right word is very essential to understand the reality. Some times wrong word could confuse, mislead, obstruct, and even stop the progress of the science. We use two words for the same process; NUCLEAR BOMB and ATOMIC BOMB, in reality they are different things. Nuclear energy is, when we get energy from nuclear reaction, when the nucleus is involved to provide energy and after reaction we have different rearrangement of a proton-neutron pattern in the nucleus.

Atomic energy is, when we get energy from electrons of an atom during chemical reaction. When we use gas, oil or solid fuel like coal and solid waste, we have atomic energy, since energy is coming from electrons of the atom, and after reaction we have a different rearrangement pattern of electrons in an atom but the nucleus itself has been not changed. A Nuclear Bomb is when the nucleus provides the energy. Atomic Bomb is, when, during chemical reaction, electrons provide the energy like in dynamite.

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